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Understand the Types of Programs

We want to help you find the best Program Fit 

Explore Faculty-Led options or University-based programs.

Faculty Led Programs

Offering the opportunity to travel with a professor, the travel part of the program takes place in Summer, Winterim or Spring Break.  Some programs require registration in a Fall or Spring semester class to cover the academic course content. 

  • Parkside Faculty-Led Programs   You can register for these short-term travel opportunities just like any other course.  Tuition is charged as well as a program fee which usually includes airfare, lodging, and academic activities.  See Upcoming Faculty-Led Programs List. 

  • UW Faculty-Led Programs  More and more programs are being offered through our UW system partners.  These programs usually include tuition in their program price.  

See Upcoming Faculty Led Opportunities


University-Based Programs:  

These programs take place on campuses around the world!   Participate for a Winterim or Summer 3-4 week program, or spend the entire semester abroad.  Parkside Exchange Programs, UW System Partner Programs and Study Abroad Provider programs fit into this category.  

  • Exchange Programs connect you to a Parkside's overseas partners.  While you are abroad, there may be a foreign student coming to Parkside.  This affordable option allows you to pay your normal tuition rate at home.  Housing costs are paid overseas.  See About Exchange Programs for detailed instructions.   

  • University of Wisconsin System Programs offer some of the highest quality study programs in the world.  Fortunately, UW Parkside students can take advantage of many of these reasonably priced options.  Our most popular UW system programs include the "Hessen Germany Summer or Winterim exchange" 

  • Study Abroad Provider Organizations  are organizations that connect you to hundreds of Summer, Winterim or Semester opportunities. These professional study abroad organizations link UW Parkside students to more than 400 program opportunities around the world.  The Study Abroad Provider ensures that students have an onsite orientation, emergency support, attractive excursions, and appropriate lodging facilities.  


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