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Financial Information

Financial Information:  We want to help you find the best Financial Fit!

Study abroad costs depend upon length, destination and program type. The Study Abroad Office can provide you with specific program costs as well as the information you will need to see if you qualify for financial aid.  

All Parkside study abroad programs require a $100 Study Abroad Administrative fee, a $50 Study Abroad Contingency fee and an International insurance fee (dependent upon the duration of program).  These study abroad fees are in addition to the Program fee for the specific program.  Please note that $35 of the Study Abroad Administrative fee may be charged if you withdraw your application from the program.  The fee will not be charged if the program is cancelled. 

Faculty-Led Programs:  Students participating in Faculty Led International Programs are charged Course Tuition, a Program fee, Study Abroad fees ($150) and international insurance (approximately $35 month).  All fees will be placed onto student accounts and must be paid 30 days before departure.  

Exchange Programs:  When participating in exchange programs, UWP students pay their normal tuition fees here at home.  All financial aid resources usually apply to this type of program.  Additionally, students are charged study abroad fees ($150) and international insurance fees. 

Program Providers:  Providers offer semester, summer or winterim programs.  Usually financial aid resources apply to this type of program.  Students participating in programs sponsored by a Program Provider or another university must follow the payment regulations of these institutions.  Although UWP does not charge tuition with these programs, study abroad fees ($150) and international insurance fees will appear on your SOLAR account.

Helpful hints to save money:
  • Thoroughly research program options making sure that you understand what is included in the program price, and what is not. Some programs include housing, meals, and excursions, while others charge additional costs for these services. It is rare to have a study abroad program include airfare.
  • Complete a FAFSA. This is the first step to a Study Abroad grant and other funding! Remember, federal/state financial aid can often travel with you!
  • Exchange programs are often the most affordable choices. These opportunities link you to a University partner institution overseas.  Students enrolled in this program type usually pay their normal tuition rate at home, and their living expenses abroad.
  • Airfare is a significant part of a travel budget. Low season travel (Early summer, Winterim and Spring Break) may reduce your travel expenditures.
  • Host family lodging is a great value. Not only do you eat well but you gain a deeper cultural understanding

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