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Affordable Winterim, Summer or Break Programs

The following study abroad programs include tuition and housing costs in their fees.  Meals are included with certain programs.  Students must budget for airfare, meal costs, study abroad fees ($150) and miscellaneous expenses.
Program Estimated Program Cost* 2022 Time Frame
Germany: UW Hessen International Winter University - 3 sites  Equivalent cost of 4 UWP tuition credits 3-weeks in Winterim
Argentina: Arcos Spanish Language Program in Buenos Aires $ 2,895 (meals included) 3-weeks in Winterim
Costa Rica: Arcos Spanish Language Program in Heredia $ 2,995 (meals included) 3-weeks in Winterim
Spain: Arcos Spanish Language in Granada $ 3,295 (meals included) 3-weeks in Winterim
France: UWP Faculty Led "Springtime in Paris" French Culture- 
To be determined 9-days Spring Break
Germany: UW Hessen International Summer University - 7 sites Equivalent cost of 6 UWP tuition credits  4-weeks in Summer
England, UK:  Liverpool Hope Maymester Program $3,000 3-weeks in Summer
Vietnam: CIS Abroad in Ho Chi Minh city $3,990 4-weeks in Summer
Japan:  CIS Abroad in Tokyo $3,990 3-weeks in Summer