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Before You Travel

We want your study abroad experience to proceed as smoothly as possible! Prepare for your journey by reading through this important information.
Complete all Study Abroad Procedures: Continue to check your online study abroad account to keep up to date of all Parkside requirements. If participating in a program sponsored by another institution, be sure to fulfill all of their procedures in a timely way!
Pre-Departure Information: A mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation date will be scheduled.  

Program Acceptance: Please note that once you confirm your acceptance into the study abroad program you are subject to the University study abroad withdrawal policy.

Study Abroad Final Checklist:
  • Do you have a valid passport?  Have you applied for a student visa? (Required for some short-term programs and most semester programs)
  • Have you obtained all your recommended vaccinations and prescriptions?
  • Do you need to book your own airline ticket?
  • Do you need to submit a deposit to confirm your housing/accommodations?
  • Have you submitted your Parkside Course Approval form? (not necessary for Faculty-Led International Programs)
  • Did you register for classes? Or, do you complete this after your arrival in the host country?
  • Did you register for the UW Parkside Study Abroad Placeholder course?(not necessary for Faculty-Led Programs)
  • Did you receive your study abroad insurance information?
  • Have you registered with the US State Department STEP program?
  • Have you told your ATM card company that you will be traveling? Have you checked their int’l transaction fees?
  • If you are bringing an electronic appliance, have you researched the plug and voltage requirements abroad?
  • Is your cell phone plan a good travel choice or will you purchase a new inexpensive phone while abroad?
  • Do you have copies of your medical prescriptions? Passport? Other important documents?
  • Have you checked the airline baggage restrictions?
  • Do you have the necessary information for how to get to the study abroad site upon arrival?
  • Have you paid your Parkside bill?

Here are some Travel Resources that may help you plan:

Exchange rate information:  How much is the dollar worth in your new currency?
World Clock: What time is it in your new country?
Telephone Dialing Codes:    How do you dial home? or abroad?
Temperature & Climate:   How warm will it be?
Electrical outlet guide:    Do you need to buy a converter plug?