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Financial Aid

Governmental financial aid can travel with you! 
Federal and State study abroad aid awards are calculated based on total program costs (including tuition, room, board, personal expenses, books, and airfare) and therefore may change from the amount you normally receive here at home. To receive aid, students must remain in full-time academic status. (Summer students must have a total of 6 credits.)  Once you have one or two program options in mind, make an appointment with Blake Taylor in Financial Aid to discuss details.

Please be aware that governmental financial aid carries the expectation that you will be making "satisfactory academic progress" towards achieving your degree.  This means that you must remain in full-time status, pass your courses and complete the study abroad program or negative financial aid consequences could result.

If you are a Federal Pell grant recipient, consider applying for the Benjamin J. Gilman International Scholarship, which awards up to $5,000 for studying abroad (4-week program minimum). 2800 Gilman scholarships were awarded nationally this year!

Wisconsin Study Abroad Grants
Parkside students receive thousands of dollars of Wisconsin Study Abroad grants each year.  Qualified students may receive the following amounts based on the length of the study abroad program.

2021-2022 Wisconsin Study Abroad Grant Awards:
  • Program length under 14 days:  $750
  • Programs length over 14 days and under 1 full-time semester: $1000
  • Full-time semester programs (12 credits or more):  $2000
To qualify, applicants must:
  • Be a US citizen and Wisconsin resident.
  • Be a Parkside student seeking a first Bachelor's degree.
  • Possess a GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Demonstrate financial need with a FAFSA on file with the Parkside Financial Aid Office.
  • Be accepted to an approved study abroad program and enrolled in at least 3 transferable credits.
  • Must be/have been enrolled full time (12 credits) the semester prior to the study abroad program. 
  • Not have received a Wisconsin Study Abroad grant previously.
To apply for the Wisconsin Study Abroad grant or other UW Parkside grant opportunities, complete this form: Study Abroad Grant Application form You may want to make an appointment with Blake Taylor in Financial Aid to discuss your eligibility and financial options.  Awards cannot be disseminated until you have confirmed your acceptance into a study abroad program.

Provider Grants
If you are studying with a Study Abroad Provider (Arcos, CIS Abroad, AIFS, ISA), check carefully on their sites for scholarships for students from affiliated universities.  

Additional Grants
Additionally, there may be grants available specific to the program to which you are applying.  Do your research!  Check out this listing of study abroad scholarships!