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Application Processes

All study abroad applicants need to complete the Parkside study abroad application process. Application materials vary by program. Please read the following step-by-step process:
  1. Make an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad Office.
  2. Research various programs!  Be search to check course offerings to assess what could fit into your academic major and other requirements.
  3. Discuss possibilities with your Academic Advisor and the Study Abroad Office.  Identify a program that fits you academically, financially and personally!
  4. Using the “Explore All Programs” function, access your selected program. On the programs page, click "Apply Now" to begin the application process. IMPORTANT:  There is a $35 application fee.  This fee will be applied to lower the standard $100 Study Abroad Administrative fee (bringing it from $100 to $65) as long as you participate in the program.  The fee will not be charged if the program is cancelled.  The fee will appear on your SOLAR account if you withdraw from the program after the program deadline.
  5. Apply.  After selecting “Apply Now”, click "okay" to continue.  Current Parkside students will need to login using their Parkside username and password.  Non-Parkside Students are required to register as a “special student” to participate in a study abroad program.  They will then be given a Parkside username and password.
  6. Create Your Account.  You will be asked a series of questions (Date of Birth; Gender; Term; etc.) before reaching your actual account within the system. All successful log-ins will lead students to a profile page.
  7. Complete all Application Steps.  The profile page will list the program information as well as a checklist of items to be read, signed and/or submitted.  Click on each item to learn what is required.
  8. Apply Early!  Students who apply early have a better chance of being admitted to the program and receiving study abroad funding.
IMPORTANT: Most programs require 2 applications!  One for Parkside and one for the study abroad host program, (Exceptions include most Faculty-Led Programs).
Logging into an Existing Application:  From the UW-Parkside study abroad homepage, click “Login” on the top right navigation bar.  Login with your Parkside account.

Eligibility:  Study abroad applicants must be enrolled as a University of Wisconsin Parkside student.  Community members interested in a faculty-led program should ask about becoming a Parkside "special student".  In order to receive financial assistance for a study abroad program, applicants must be enrolled in a Parkside degree-seeking program as well as meet all other aid specifications.