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It is important for you to find a study abroad program which fits into your academic study plan.  With careful planning study abroad can offer amazing opportunities without delaying your graduation.  It is never too early to make an appointment with the Study Abroad Office.  

Faculty-Led Courses:  Students participating in Parkside's own Faculty-Led Programs do not require special course approval.  You will complete the Study Abroad application and register for the study abroad class.

University-Based Programs: Students considering university-based options (summer, winterim or semester) must obtain approval for the transfer of each course by the corresponding academic department. Make sure you discuss the transferability of all selected courses with your Academic Adviser.  This will help assure that with a passing grade, your efforts will apply to your Parkside academic program.  Use the "Advance Approval of Transfer Credit" form to obtain your course approval.  

Important Academic Tips for Study Abroad:  ‚Äč
  • General education courses and electives are often the most transferrable study abroad options – if possible, hold off taking these courses if you plan to study abroad! 
  • Juniors or Seniors should look closely at Faculty-Led programs or opportunities in English-speaking nations. As you may guess, non-English speaking countries usually offer a smaller selection of courses taught in English.
  • Students must be in good academic standing to study abroad.  Program admission criteria (including G.P.A.) varies depending upon the program. Make sure to check all program requirements.

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