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About Exchange Programs

Outgoing Exchange Basic Procedures:

Exchange programs are often the most affordable way to study abroad as your tuition is paid here at UWP and only flight, housing and other living costs are paid at the host university.  Currently UWP has exchange programs at:
  • University of Calabria, Italy (Primarily Masters level)
  • Sungshin University (S. Korea)
  • University of Ostfalia (Germany)
  • Universities in the State of Hessen Germany
Financial Information:
  • Outgoing exchange students will pay the same UWP tuition as normal here before departure.  Segregated fees will not be charged.
  • All normal financial aid should apply to the program.
  • Summer programs require a minimum of 6 credits to be eligible for aid
  • Students should research whether they are eligible for the WI Study Abroad grant or other opportunities.
  • Exchange students are required to pay $150 of study abroad fees to UWP as well as pay for International Health Insurance for their entire time abroad (approx. $35 month).
  • Students will pay all living expenses to the host exchange university (lodging).
Academic Information
  • Students must utilize the “Advance Approval of Transfer Credit” form to list courses for approval for Transfer credit.  Students should obtain syllabi for the selected courses in order to gain approval from the appropriate academic department chair.
  • Semester exchange students must be full time (equivalent of 12 credits) while abroad.
  • To remain enrolled at UWP while abroad, students must register for a Study Abroad Placeholder course before departure.  The placeholder course will ensure that you remain registered at Parkside while enrolled in another institution.  Once an official transcript is received from abroad, courses and grades are entered for the study abroad experience.

Exchange Steps: (depending upon program sequence could differ)

  1. Research course offerings at the Exchange Partner University. 
  2. Review the Academic Calendar of the Exchange program (dates) as well as Housing & other costs.
  3. As needed, meet with Student Health Center (or provide physician) to discuss any health concerns.
  4. As needed, meet with Blake Taylor in Financial Aid to learn about financial aid opportunities.
  5. Apply to the UW Parkside Study Abroad through this Website.  Under Explore Programs, search for the Exchange Program Name by typing in “Exchange” in the Program Name Field. Access & complete the Parkside Application by using the Apply Now button.
  6. When “accepted” by UWP for program, apply to Exchange partner institution.
  7. Follow all UWP application requirements on your study abroad application.
  8. Follow all exchange partner application processes.
  9. Research visa requirements.
  10. Be sure to apply for housing at exchange institution, if necessary.
  11. Provide completed “Advance Approval of Transfer Credit” form to ISS/SA.
  12. Register for Study abroad placeholder.
  13. Attend ISS/SA orientation.
  14. Purchase airline ticket.
  15. Pay UWP tuition and study abroad fees before departure.