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Choosing Program Structure

Explore different program structures by looking at:
  • Housing:  Is this a group program that arranges hotels for you, or will you choose to reside in a university dormitory, apartment or homestay?  Will you have your own room? private bathroom?
  • Meals:  Are meals included in your program?  Is there a food plan available or will you be cooking for yourself in a small kitchen?
  • Getting Around:  Many study abroad locations offer everything you need within a short walkable distance. Others require the use of mass transit (bus or subway).
  • Student Interaction:  Will you be directly integrated into host university classes, or will you be studying alongside other study abroad students?  How much interaction will you have with local people?  Also to consider is that some programs have large group enrollment while other programs offer the chance to spend everyday with a small group.  Choose what is best for you.
  • Excursions:  Will you have the possibility of exploring other cities or places of interest?  How much free time is built into the program?