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Apply to a Semester, Summer/Winterim Program

If Interested in a Semester, Winterim/Summer Program based at a foreign University
Follow these steps:

  1. Complete an Advising ApplicationAdvising applications can be accessed by selecting "Apply Now" from an individual program page or by clicking "Request Advising" from the Study Abroad website.
  2. Research several programs using the Explore Programs search engine.  Check course offerings and assess which courses could fit into your academic plan.
  3. Make an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad Office to discuss options and processes.
  4. Discuss course offerings with your Academic Advisor.  List the courses on the  Advance Approval of Transfer Credit .  Semester study abroad students should select more than enough courses in case there are course conflicts.
  5. It is important that you gain academic permission to transfer in all of the classes that you intend to take while abroad.  Submit the Advance Approval of Transfer Credit form to the appropriate Academic Department Chair to obtain his/her signature.  For example, an Art course must be submitted to the Chair of the Art department.  Once you obtain this signature, this is your assurance that the course will transfer into Parkside.
  6. If necessary, meet with Blake Taylor in Financial Aid to discuss financial resources.
  7. Inform Study Abroad Office of your program choice.  Your Advising application will be converted to a Program Application for your specific program..
  8. IMPORTANT:  There is a $35 application fee.  This fee will be applied to lower the standard $100 Study Abroad Administrative fee (bringing it from $100 to $65) as long as you participate in the program.  The fee will not be charged if the program is cancelled.  The fee will appear on your SOLAR account if you withdraw from the program.
  9. Complete all Application Steps for the specific program.  The profile page will list the program information as well as a checklist of items to be read, signed and/or submitted.  Click on each item to learn what is required.
  10. Apply Early!  Students who apply early have a better chance of being admitted to the program and receiving study abroad funding.
IMPORTANT: Partner, Provider or Exchange programs usually require 2 applications!  
One application is needed for Parkside and one for the study abroad host program.