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Affordable Options

Semester abroad may not be as expensive as you think. 

Updated Semester Comparison

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Financial Aid
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These semester programs include tuition and housing. Students must also budget for airfare, meals and study abroad fees ($150). 

Semester Abroad

Study Abroad
Program Fees*

S. Korea: UW Sungshin-UWP Exchange Anticipating $8,600 for WI residents
Germany: UW Hessen Exchange in Marsburg Anticipating $10,200 for WI residents
Japan: UW Platteville Nagasaki Program  Anticipating $8,000 for WI residents
Fiji: UW Platteville University of South Pacific  Anticipating $10,900 for WI residents
England: UWP Liverpool Hope University Anticipating $8,000
Thailand: CIS Abroad Semester in Bangkok $8,890-$10,390 
Czech Republic: CIS Abroad - Prague $9,790
Peru: CIS Abroad Semester in Cusco $11,290-$12,390 (includes meals)
Argentina: Arcos Semester in Buenos Aires $10,795-$12,285 (includes meals)
Costa Rica: Arcos Semester in Heredia $8,495 (includes meals)
Spain: Arcos Semester in Granada $ 9,995 (includes meals)
* Fees subject to change